The Team

Nicole Janssen

Nicole Janssen

Owner, Trainer
Gerard Kirsch

Gerard Kirsch

Lutz Janssen

Lutz Janssen


Nicole’s Qualifications

USDF Bronze Medal
FN Bronze Medal
International Trainer Passport
FN Trainer Certificate
FN Groom Certificate
FN Seat and Balance Certificate
FN Cross Country Certificate
FN Lunge Lining Certificate
FN Riding Degree 3


Fédération Équestre Nationale, short FN. Officially registered 1905 but established way before and organized by the worldwide organization Fédération Équestre Internationale, the FEI.

The FN is the German equivalent to the USDF.

The old medal system is comparable to the US system. The new geman system includes 10 degrees, starting with 10 working up to 1. The old Bronze Medal counts as riding degree 4.