Showing is so much fun!

Especially when you are successful.

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Life is better with friends!

After the Snowbird’s Paradiese Show I+II at Clarcona Horseman’s Park I took Fancy home and gave her a nice shower. She did so well considering being only two month in training with me and considering this was her first show ever and I took her to a recognized one. After the tack was back in the tack room, trailer cleaned and detached, I went home. A bit tired after the weekend I drank something and ate a banana when my phone rang. I shortly considered ignoring it, but then I picked up. It was my dear friend Kathy that visited me at the show and stayed a bit longer to watch some rides. When she passed by the show office, the best show secretary in the world Sandra called her and asked her if she wasn’t a friend of mine. Kathy confirmed and Sandra told her, that I got High Point Champion but forgot to pick up the ribbon and handed it to her. For a second I was speachless, then I was close to tears and next thing back at the show grounds. Luckily we lived only 20 mins away. The show ground was almost abandoned but a nice lady took this pic of Kathy and me.

I can’t say enough thank you to Fancy’s owner Lisa Machuga who came out early and took videos: First Level and Training Level